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The Music Scout

Apr 10, 2018

Welcome back to The Music Scout Podcast!

This bonus episode today features an interview I did with Tristan Jane, bassist of the band Black Foxxes. They're sweeping the rock scene right now and are growing as a band at an astronomical rate! 

Their 2nd album Reidi dropped in March 2018 and I chat to Tristan about the creative songwriting from their debut album to this album, about Tristan's persepective on Mark's crohns and also his personal view on the music industry today and keeping up with such high demand. 

Thank you all for supporting, your support means that I can go to interview these amazing artists. Thank you all so much! 

Massive thanks to Tristan too for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to my little podcast! 

Ta Rah x








Thanks to 'BenSound' for the wicked intro!