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The Music Scout

Dec 14, 2018

The final episode of 2018 is here! The Music Scout: Album Of The Year 2018. After listening to countless number of albums and putting in thousands of minutes to get to where we are today, the album of the year! 

This album list is probably the most extensive, in-depth and also the one I am most proud to be releasing to the world. This list definitely defines this year as one of the best for music! It's always a weird time at the beginning of the year what will be released and what will be playing on the podcast in the year. 

It always ends out being something amazing. 

So as a celebration of that, here is the top 10 albums of the year, go listen to them all, enjoy it and here's to 2018, to celebrate it for some brilliant music and here's the 2019, to the unknown and to the open minded! 

Ta rah x




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