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The Music Scout

Jan 18, 2018

Well folks we've made it! 

Welcome to episode 50!! It's amazing to think that I've made 50 episode of this podcast. Over 350 amazing songs have been played and this is just the start!

For this episode, not only do we have the 7 songs that make up the episode, but a bonus 2 songs and an interview for you to celebrate episode 50. The interview is the singer and guitarist Colm from the band KARMS and we'll be chatting to him about their debut EP they release, their EP artwork and their live sound too. 

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you too, across the world for supporting my podcast. This is merely a hobby of mine that I wish to continue and see grow. This last week has seen over 500 downloads in one week, that's INSANE!? You guys have smashed my record of 1000 downloads in a month in the first month and I cannot thank you enough. 

Here's to the the next milestone of 2000 in one month. Bring it on. 

Now enjoy episode 50 and here's to the next 50 of much more amazing music for me to share with you all. 

Ta rah 










Thanks to 'BenSound' for the wicked intro!