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The Music Scout

Nov 20, 2018

This week we talk to Luke and Corey from Convey, the latest signing to Revival Recordings. They have a new single out now, it's called "Inside Out" as well as a previous single "Terror" which are all to support the brand new album that is going to be dropping early 2019. 

I spoke about the Convey sound and how they're changing the game with the sound of rock. They want to redefine rock and really make their sound the sound of a new generation and a new era for rock music. We also talk about their influences from the likes of Tool, Circa Survive and many more! 

Convey are just starting out and with a debut album on the way, they're really cranking the gears to reach completely new heights and levels as a band. As well as their album, their live performances with projection pictures really make this band unique! 


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