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The Music Scout

Apr 19, 2019

Welcome back to The Music Scout podcast! We have today an interview with folk singer/songwriter Kev Minney who was on the podcast as a guest back in early 2018, one of my first interviews for the podcast and he was releasing his debut album "Stories Of The Sky" back then. 

Now, a lot has changed and he has a new single out (which you'll hear at the end of the pod) and also a new album out in the autumn. It's all about modern stories consisting of algorithms, debt and a really captivating and humbling story about his friend who really is 'the man of steel'!

You can find all the links to Kevs music, the documentary we made for his last album (that I produced) as well as the rest of the usual links below. 

Enjoy the interview and thanks for your support!


Kev's Facebook:

'Halfway To The Sky' Documentary:



Previous Interview with Tom McGuire: