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The Music Scout

Dec 11, 2018

We've made it to the end of the year folks and that means it's time for the Single Of The Year. This list consists of 10 songs that have really surprised, mesmerised, shocked and amazed me all at the same time. This list consists of many different genres too which I'm proud to show you all of all the songs I have listened to over the course of the year. 

There is a link below to the playlist on Spotify called "The Music Scout's New Jams 2018", this consists of over 300 songs of which most have been featured on this playlist. Go listen and indulge in all the music that I have played over the past 12 months on the podcast! 

There will be a new 'New Jams 2019' playlist arriving in January where I will start the process all over again, adding amazing new songs that I'll hear over the course of next year. Until then, tune into the top 10 singles of 2018 and do you think my choices were worthy of their place?! Let me know! Until then, keep an eye out for Album Of The Year coming very soon! 

Ta Rah 




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